Gaining a critical edge through the next wave of digital adoption

Registration and networking breakfast
Chair’s welcome remarks

Jon Whiteaker, Editor, The Drawdown

Keynote presentation: How tech innovation strategies may evolve in response to the changing economic landscape

Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia

Opening panel: Unleashing the power of AI
  • Can Co-Pilot address unique business challenges? What are the concerns? 
  • Best practices for mitigating AI-related security risks
  • The potential of AI for automating routine tasks including copywriting and service support
  • How to promote quality checking and validation as integral parts of AI implementation
  • What’s the value proposition of investing in AI solutions tailored to unique business needs?
  • Will AI improve the value of a portfolio company?

Tim Friedman, Head of US, Holland Mountain

Simon Bowley, Technology Director, 17Capital
Alpesh Doshi
, CEO, RedCliffe Capital
Matthew Guy
, Associate Director, Hermes
Jamaria Kong
, Managing Director, Towerbrook Capital
Jon Dodson
, CTO, Sourcescrub

Success story: How data scientists significantly impact performance and competitiveness

Joshua Lowe, Principle, Head of Data Science, Coller Capital

Panel: Talking tech at board level: how to support portfolio companies on their digital transformation
  • How to drive tech initiatives at the board level
  • Boosting tech and data capabilities ahead of an exit
  • Overcoming board-level resistance to KPI commitments
  • Cross-pollinating ideas and learnings across portfolio companies

Jagveer Kang​​​​, Digital Transformation Lead, British International Investment

Walid Fakhry, Co- Managing Partner, Soho Square Capital
Llewellyn John, Partner, FPE
Claudio Siniscalco
, Founder and Managing Partner, Fiduciary Co- Investment Partners

Networking break

ESG data transparency: does tech have the answers?

  • How software solutions can assist in centralising and organising ESG-related data
  • Increasing demand for a dedicated platform to record and manage ESG details
  • Integration of ESG considerations into the due diligence process, including the capture of ESG data before making investments
  • Strategies for raising the bar in ESG reporting and providing regular advice and guidance
  • How to emphasise the necessity of clear documentation and policies, particularly in fast-paced environments

Francesco Anichini, ESG Associate, Ambienta
Ana Alvarez Grullon
, Head of ESG & Sustainability, Keensight Capital

Navigating the changing landscape of SaaS: making informed choices for software solution buyers

  • Challenges facing the SaaS model: higher pricing, slower growth, and market saturation
  • What impact do shifting market conditions have on software solution buyers?
  • How can buyers make critical decisions around whether to change platforms and select the right provider?

Fernando Chueca, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

What are PE firms doing to avoid cybersecurity threats that continue to affect their organisations?

  • How can hackers leverage AI models and tools to enhance their attacks, and how can this be prevented?
  • Promoting the use of AI and advanced technologies against cyber threats: how safe is it?
  • Distinction between cybersecurity and data privacy in risk management

Dee Parekh, Head of Cyber and IT Infrastructure, BGF
Simon Chappell
, CEO, Assured Data Protection (Portfolio company of Soho Square Capital)

Spotlight session: Best-in-class technology solutions
  1. Dev Sian, Director, IQ EQ 
  2. Joe Baucom, Senior account Executive, GainPro
  3. Guillaume Acard, CTO, Vaultinum
  4. Michelle Keller-Hobson, Venture Partnerships, Vertice
Networking lunch
Panel: Complexities of integrating diverse systems during digital transformation
  • How to evaluate outsourced technical skills and coding expertise
  • Necessary skillsets in today's business landscape and the efforts to bring in AI expertise
  • The need for automation tools in a world of spreadsheets and email
  • The role of automation tools in streamlining workflows and reducing manual tasks
  • How to integrate different technology systems and enable seamless communication between them

Shirin Veeran, CRM and Data Manager, HG Capital

Marco Ferrara, Operating Partner, Limerston
Emma Winter
, Value Creation, Graphite Capital
David Poole,
Partner, Stanley Capital Partners
Maria Carradice
, Managing Director Specialist- ESG, Mayfair Equity
Sam Metland
, Executive Vice President and Head of Private Equity Product, Citco

Fireside chat: Finding the right tech solutions for growth
  • How best to use new technologies for winning new business
  • How can sales and marketing teams achieve peak performance with the latest technological advancements?
  • How to enhance customer retention and expand existing relationships with modern tech solutions

George Ralph, Global Managing Director & CRO, RFA


Brian Mason, Chief Technology Officer, BC Partners
Adam Shepherd
, Partner and COO, TempoCap

Networking break
Panel: Integration: the crucial component of any data strategy
  • The inseparable relationship between AI and data
  • How to focus on data cleaning and quality assurance
  • Use of data as a valuable business asset and the need to protect data integrity
  • Strategies for achieving a balance between speed and security in technology and data management

Vera Huang, Director, IQ EQ

Jose Rodriguez, Managing Partner, Queen’s Park Equity
Stewart White
, Head of IT Projects and Technology, Big Society Capital
Dan Costa
, Head of Business Technology, ICG
Robert Cartledge, Director, IT Venture

Fireside chat: What do LPs expect when it comes to tech?
  • Is cybersecurity a fundamental requirement when LPs consider committing?
  • How can LPs obtain more data transparency from PE firms?
  • The growing importance of impact investing and ESG data

Taku Dzimwasha, Editor, Real Deals

Ipek Mutlu, Managing Director, Esas Holding
Gemma Braithwaite, Partner, Head of IR, All Seas Capital

Fireside chat: What’s next? The outlook for technology innovation in 2024
  • How to implement technical advancement in a culture that embraces change
  • Challenges faced in onboarding a large number of people to new technologies
  • Exploring the need to make technology platforms user-friendly and intuitive to facilitate adoption
  • How to reap the benefits of AI in enhancing business operations and decision-making
  • Higher competitiveness among tech vendors with the same modules
  • How to measure the tech impact on portfolio companies
  • Where should PE firms focus their effort in using generative AI, and how can they use it to generate value?
  • What are PE firms legally allowed to do with chatGPT?

Shivani Khandekar, Senior Reporter, Real Deals

Lyndon Arnold, Head of Technology, Triton
Henrik Berg
, CTO, Verdane

Closing remarks and networking drinks