Webinar One
Tuesday 23 June at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion Cyber Resilience Programmes - The Increase of Cyber Threats as Working from Home Becomes the Norm
  • An overview of the latest cyber attacks and what you need to look out for
  • Understanding the technology behind cyber security and how this protects your business
  • What technologies can be implemented that are timely, cost effective and can be put in place and monitored remotely
  • What is on the horizon? New technologies being developed to protect businesses

Chair: Sam Birchall, Reporter, Real Deals

Bala Krishnan, Investment Director, Sovereign Capital

George Ralph, Managing Director, RFA

Dougal Bennett, Partner, Dunedin

Andy Strickland, Senior Investment Director, Palatine PE

Webinar Two
Tuesday 30 June at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion Discussing the Impact of Tech Tools on Fundraising and Investment
  • Exploring how LPs are using technology to inform asset allocation strategies and manage their portfolios
  • Understanding the reporting demands of the modern LP and what GPs can do to attract investment
  • Utilising market mapping technology to assess the fundraising landscape and focus your efforts
  • ​Building an investor portal - Mitigating security risks and streamlining communications by centralising deal data from DD to exit
  • Finding and implementing the right marketing infrastructure and CRM system for your firm’s resources
  • Applying quantitative methods in investment evaluation and monitoring
  • Automating routine processes to increase internal efficiencies

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Konstantin Sidorov, Founder and CEO, London Technology Club

Graeme Faulds, Director - Private Equity Solutions, eVestment Private Markets

Bala Krishnan, Investment Director, Sovereign Capital

Webinar Three
Tuesday 7 July at 15:00 BST
Case Study Presentation How AI Is Already Transforming Private Equity Deal-Sourcing
  • ​Using AI-based origination strategies to radically disintermediate deal flow
  • ​Tracking the exponential growth of the database and understanding the possibilities for add-on benefits
  • Building the right in-house team and vision to facilitate progress

Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner, Jolt Capital

Panel Discussion The Power of Digital– Understanding the Future of Tech-Tools in the Private Equity Industry and How to Implement Them
  • Exploring the possible integration of innovative new tools in the whole deal-cycle – from sourcing to portfolio management and exit
  • A long time coming - Discussing the path to tech-integration and sharing pitfalls to avoid
  • AI, RPA, Blockchain and beyond – Cutting through the buzzwords to identify the real changes and developments set to transform the industry over the next decade
  • Exploring how dealmakers can take a key part in ensuring their firms are ready for the future

Chair: Alice Murray, Editor, The Drawdown

Justin Partington, Group Head of Funds, IQ-EQ

Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner, Jolt Capital

Patrick Camenisch, Director Finance and Operations, Evoco

Webinar Four
Thursday 16 July at 15:00 BST
Closeup: The Private Equity Tower of Babel – Creating a Common Data Language to Revolutionise Reporting and Transform the Industry
  • ​Beyond Excel and PDF – Rethinking and evolving modes of data transport
  • ​How to ensure buy-in from investors, managers and solution providers alike to transform the industry - is this easier given the new global landscape?
  • Asking the right questions: Navigating reporting challenges through consistent data points
  • ​Learning from the public and listed space to refine PE-reporting standards
  • ​Understanding the ADS’ strategies and vision for the future of PE-reporting

Alice Murray, Editor, The Drawdown, in discussion with Lorelei Graye, Founder and President, ADS Initiative

Webinar Five
Tuesday 21 July at 15:00 BST
Case Study Interview - Discussing Tech-Enabled Portfolio Monitoring Strategies
  • ​Examining portfolio monitoring since February 2020, uncovering why technology in this field has become so essential as the world changes
  • ​Finding and implementing the right system to accurately track and predict portfolio performance
  • ​Centralising data to enable efficient reporting and forecasting across your portfolio
  • ​Integrating ESG data capture into your portfolio reporting strategies

Chair: Simon Thompson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals

Hugh Stacey, Investor Solutions Executive Director, IQ-EQ

Binoy Parekh, Investment Director, Olympus Wealth Management

Webinar Six
Tuesday 28 July at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion - Integrating Innovation into Tech Strategies for your Portfolio Companies to Stay Ahead of the Curve
  • The growing importance of technology in the current landscape
  • Supporting your portfolio company and making sure they have the right technology to grow their business and keep ahead of their competitors
  • Keeping mindful of the future - what new technologies are on the horizon

Chair: Alice Murray, Editor, The Drawdown

Ian Oxley, Partner, Silverfleet Capital

Karine Gourlay, Managing Consultant, Intuitus

Giancarlo Beraudo, Partner, Ambienta


Webinar Seven
Thursday 30 July at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion: (Re)building trust between GPs & LPs: navigating a murky data world
  • Uncertain times demand more clarity, how has the current market environment and recent SEC warnings changed your views on any data deficiencies?
  • How do you ensure that you have access to accurate and timely data to assess GP performance?
  • What are the practicalities of aligning LP and GP interests, to better measure and demonstrate value
  • Beyond core fund and asset financials, have standards of reporting ESG data improved across the industry?

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Melissa Ferraz, Managing Director, Global Head of eFront Insight, BlackRock Solutions

Alex Scott, Partner, Pantheon

Carla Findlay-Dons, Director – Asset Management Business Development, KPMG

Brad Thawley, Senior Director, UTIMCO