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2023 Agenda

Day 1


Registration and networking


Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks

Taku Dzimwasha, Editor, Real Deals


Panel discussion

Maximising the value of digital transformation strategies

  • Selecting the right technologies in the right place at the right time: cloud automation, AI, ML and purpose-built tools
  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers to transformation: people, processes, adoption, costs
  • The impact of democratising the tech stack on a GP’s operational dynamics
  • Predicting the future: what technology trends will have the biggest impact on private markets over the next 5-10 years?

Moderator: Alice Murray, Editor, The Drawdown

Gilad Amir, Digital Operating Partner, Pollen Street Capital
Sachin Anandikar, Chief Technology Officer, Pemberton Asset Management
Alban de la Breteche, Partner & Chief Technology Officer, Ring Capital
Zain Khan, Partner, Mandeleo Partners
Sam Metland, Executive Vice President & Head of Private Equity Product, Citco (UK)
Natalia Sigrist, Partner - Private Equity, Unigestion


​Case study

Technology’s role in deal sourcing

Josh Giglio, VP of Product, SourceScrub
Karl Sahyoun, Vice President, Bregal Milestone


Coffee & networking


Panel discussion

The role of technology in deal sourcing, execution and exit

  • The use of predictive analytics and seamless data integration to reduce risks and make smarter investment decisions from sourcing through to exit
  • Designing a tech strategy roadmap across the deal lifecycle
  • Consolidating data across platforms to create a holistic approach to investing
  • Tech’s place in end-to-end portfolio monitoring and reporting across the full value chain

Moderator: Greg Gille, Head of Product, Real Deals

James Hales, Senior Director, NorthEdge
Frister Haveman, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Gain.Pro
Suzanne Pike, Partner, ECI
Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner, Jolt Capital


Spotlight session

Best in class technology solutions

Third party solution providers will have 10 mins to demonstrate their latest and greatest products

Presentation 1: Paul Ipavec, Director of International Sales, Anduin Transactions
Presentation 2: Guillaume Acard, Chief Technical Officer, Vaultinum
Presentation 3: Rohan Shah, Sales Development Representative, Atominvest
Presentation 4: Anders Lundgren, CEO & Founder, Valu8

Presentation 5: Venkat Subramaniam, Founder, DealsPlus


Lunch and networking


Workshops (run concurrently)


Streamlining operations: from spreadsheets to dashboards

  • Effectively bringing together financial and non-financial data into a single location
  • How to streamline the number of tools you are using in-house
  • Leveraging digital innovation to transform finance functions
  • Embracing low-code technologies to drive more efficient and effective working

Discussion Leaders:
Simon Bowley, Technology Director, 17 Capital
Matt Guy, Associate Director, Hermes GPE


Workshops (run concurrently)

WORKSHOP STREAM B: Focus on technology

AI: can it really transform a business?

  • Best practice for implementing AI strategies across different business functions
  • How can you successfully maintain the human aspect of investment in a technology-driven world?
  • How to ensure adequate protection and prevention systems are in place to manage risks associated with automated processes

Discussion Leaders:
Harry Pampiglione, Operating Partner, LDC
David Walters, Investment Director, River Capital


Workshops (run concurrently)


Human capital: building a tech-savvy workforce

  • Identifying critical digital competencies required and how to upskill internal teams
  • What are the key roles that need to be filled to stay on top of your firm’s digital transformation?
  • Beyond remuneration, what are tech recruits looking for in an employer? And how does this impact existing firm dynamics?
  • Challenges of recruiting from non-traditional private equity backgrounds

Discussion Leader:
Vivan Jayant, Head of Data, Glendower


Workshops (run concurrently)

WORKSHOP STREAM B: Focus on technology

The Cloud

  • Leveraging the cloud for improved security, scalability, and reliability
  • Creating value though cost optimisation and product modernisation via the cloud
  • Challenges of building and hiring cloud expertise within your firm
  • Managing cloud costs and cloud resource consumption

Discussion Leader:
Philippe Laval, Chief Technology Officer, Jolt Capital
Bran Pathmanaban, Head of ESG, IP Group


Coffee & networking


​Case study

Building a new company taxonomy in Kelp

Christopher Conradi, Chief Digital Officer, FSN Capital


Panel discussion

Technology is worthless without data: what makes a great data strategy?

  • Benchmarking success in leveraging data to drive process efficiency
  • Building a coherent standardised data eco-system for full integration across the back, middle and front offices
  • How quality data can influence investment decisions, transparency, reporting and more
  • Putting a data platform at the heart of the technology stack

Moderator: Vera Huang, Director - Data Services, IQEQ

Lyndon Arnold, Head of Technology, Triton Partners
Roberto Bonanzinga, Co-Founder, InReach Ventures
Hind El Gaidi, Head Marketing & Financial Information/Valuation, astorg
Brian Mason, Head of Technology, BC Partners


Keynote presentation

How Motherbrain is transforming digital thinking in the PE world

Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, Principal Engineer & Lead - Motherbrain, EQT Partners


Drinks reception

Day 2


Registration and networking


Chair’s welcome and opening remarks

Taku Dzimwasha, Editor, Real Deals


Expert presentation

The use of technology to improve liquidity, improve access to private markets and facilitate the democratization of private equity

Ami Ben-David, Co-Founder & CEO, Ownera


Panel discussion

Technology’s role in driving value and growth across portfolio companies

  • Applying technology and growth KPIs to track portfolio company performance
  • The efficient use of data to manage deal flow and accelerate growth of portfolio companies
  • Leveraging technology during the due diligence process to unlock operational value creation
  • Adapting the digital value creation strategy over the course of the hold period

Moderator: Katie Swannell-Gibbs, Head of Consulting, Stanley Capital Partners

Stephen Edwards, Co-Managing Partner, Soho Square Capital
Marco Ferrara, Operating Partner, Limerston Capital
Fiona Satchell, Managing Director, Value Creation, Atypical Partner
Marc Stoneham, DPI


Coffee & networking


Panel discussion

Outsourcing: an opportunity or a risk?

  • What are the current tech drivers and trends? What functions are being outsourced and why?
  • Seamlessly integrating third party solutions into your own processes
  • Single source solutions: reducing costs and building economies of scale via outsourcing
  • Staying in control: how tech can allow GPs governance over data despite outsourcing

Moderator: Katie May, Managing Director, Ontra

David Barbour, Managing Partner, FPE Capital
Henrik Berg, Chief Technology Officer, Verdane
Oxana Mulholland, Investment Director, London Technology Club


Panel discussion

Cybersecurity: implementing the right tech tools to guard against emerging cyber threats

  • What should you be prioritising to maintain data security and good cyber surveillance?
  • Cost effective portfolio security measures and risk management
  • Effectively assessing gaps in security at the portfolio company level
  • Protecting your firm whilst allowing access to sensitive material to external parties

Moderator: Christophe Aulnette, Senior Advisor, Apax Partners

Thomas Baasnes, Cybersecurity Manager, Verdane
Eyal Malinger, Partner, Beringea
Ash Patel, IT Director & Head of Cyber, ECI
Mina Samaan, Partner, MMC Ventures


Case study


Christophe Aulnette, Senior Advisor, Apax Partners


Lunch & networking


Fireside chat

Fundraising and IR: how is technology reshaping the capital raising model?

  • How is the IR role changing with the advent of new technologies?
  • What is the impact of tech tools on investor communication and reporting?
  • Risk mitigation: best practices for virtual fundraising
  • How technology is changing the traditional approach to operational due diligence

Piers Evans, Chief Commercial Officer, Atominvest

In conversation with
Susann Aulbach, Head of Investor Relations, DN Capital
Ana Maria Harrison, Partner, Adams Street Partners


Panel discussion

The importance of tech in driving ESG

  • Data and analytics required to drive value from ESG strategies
  • Aligning interests: how GPs and LPs can collaborate in the reporting process
  • Integrating ESG into the tech stack
  • The use of AI tools to track ESG metrics of portfolio companies

Moderator: Jennifer Forrest, Reporter, Real Deals

Yohan Hill, Principal & Director of ESG and Responsible Investing, Investment Strategy and Risk Management, Adams Street Partners
Jérôme A. M. Kamm, Investment Director, Direct Equity Investments, Hamilton Lane
Laura McMullen, Interim ESG Director, Cinven
Sarah Shackleton, COO, Seraphim Space Manager


Chair’s closing remarks

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