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09:00 GMT
Opening Panel Discussion
The Digitization of the PE Industry: What the Future Holds
  • How does technology influence VC/PE working processes?
  • How does this feature in how daily operations are run today?
  • What examples are there of types of tools currently being used by PE firms?
  • Assessing the value of employing these tech tools

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals
Jamie Smith, Director, International Technology Eze Castle Integration
Natalia Sigrist, Partner Private Equity, Unigestion
Olof Hernell, Chief Digital Officer, EQT
Suzanne Pike, Partner, ECI Partners

09:55 GMT
Expert Presentation
Reflections on the Tech of 2020 and What’s to Come in 2021
  • What developments have been seen in the world of technology over the past year?
  • What future developments are in store for technology?
  • Which areas should PE firms be looking to invest in?

Bola Adesina, Senior Business Systems Architecture Analyst, LGIM

10:20 GMT
Panel Discussion
Impact of Tech Tools on Fundraising
  • Which tech tools are being used in the fundraising process?
  • How is tech being used to aid and streamline LP/GP communications?
  • Examples of where tech has been used for AGMs
  • How successful have these tools been and will they be maintained post-pandemic?
  • What are the key learnings from virtual fundraising processes?

Chair: Sam Birchall, Senior Reporter, Real Deals
Christopher Thoume, Director, Product Development, Sanne Group
Konstantin Sidorov, Chief Executive Officer, London Technology Club
Nicol Fraser,
Partner, Dunedin

11:25 GMT
Fireside Chat
The Beginning of the Journey: Origination & AI
  • How can using AI technology help PE houses gain strategic dominance?
  • Discussing deal sourcing platforms that keep team members in the know

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals
James Hales, Director, Head of Origination, Northedge

11:50 GMT
he future of DD: Tech & Due Diligence Post-Covid
  • Exploring due diligence in its transformation towards being predominantly carried out via tech/virtually
  • Which tools are available to enable due diligence to operate virtually moving forward?
  • Has this changed since pre-Covid?

Chair: Simon Thompson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals
Ian Oxley, Head of Origination & Partner, Silverfleet
James Prebble, Director & Co-Founder, Palladium Digital Group

12:40 GMT
Value Creation through Servitization: A Journey of Transformation
  • Monetizing and changing classical industrial business services in order to create ecosystems
  • How do you change portfolio company thought processes regarding servitization?
  • Considering which strategy to take to market & how to leverage certain platforms

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals
Marcus Brans, Head of Communications Triton and Digital Advisor, Triton Partners

13:05 GMT
Using digitisation to streamline processes and accelerate deal-making
  • What areas are being digitised in the deal-sourcing process and beyond
  • What are the benefits of these digital aids?
  • Where can digital tools fall short of human to human working processes
  • What is to come in the future?

Katie May, Director, IncloudCounsel

14:25 GMT
Panel Discussion
The Use of Alternative Data in the Value Creation Process
  • Data science and data use throughout the life cycle
  • Data and Insights: how are people protecting their platforms?
  • What are the varying uses of data?
  • Creating a common data language as part of industry transformation

Chair: Sam Birchall, Senior Reporter, Real Deals
Ahmed Khamassi, Head of Data Science, Stirling Square Capital Partners
Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner, Jolt Capital
Lorelei Graye, President, The ADS Initiative and Leodoran Financial
Luke Jones, Partner, MML Capital

15:15 GMT
Panel Discussion
Monitoring ESG Performance through Technology and Data Management
  • How is technology being used to monitor ESG in portfolios?
  • Performance and reporting: What ESG benchmarks are being reported on?
  • Exploring the use of data analytics to benchmark and monitor KPIs
  • Managing and mitigating ESG reputational risk

Chair: Simon Thompson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals
Christopher Walker, Principal, HarbourVest Partners
Elin Ljung, Director of Communication and Sustainability, Nordic Capital
Hugh Stacey, Executive Director - Investor Solutions, IQ-EQ

16:20 GMT
Closing Panel Discussion
The Final Stage of the Journey: Tech Integration Towards the End of the Cycle
  • Exploring implementation of innovative tools at exit
  • Can technological improvements at portfolio level lead to a better return at exit?
  • Examples of where improved technology within a portfolio company has led to strong returns
  • How can tech at firm level be used to enhance the exit process?

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals
Adrian Astley-Jones, CCO, Intuitus
David Barbour, Managing Partner, FPE Capital
Duncan Ramsay, Partner, ECI

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08:45 GMT
HR: Team Management and Tech Tools
11:05 GMT
ESG performance
15:35 GMT
Streamlining the Deal Process
On Demand
The sessions below will be available in the on demand area to watch at your convenience throughout the day.
Quick Fire Panel
Replacing the Watercooler Chat: Using Tech to Keep Employee Wellbeing and Engagement in Track
  • Maintaining the flow of communication through the team in an online setting
  • From Hipchat to Slack : Which communication tools are PE companies employing?
  • What approaches have firms taken to encourage engagement using these tools
  • Virtually monitoring employees mental health and wellbeing from afar

Chair: Sam Birchall, Senior Reporter, Real Deals
Karan Darroch, Finance and Operations Manager, Dunedin
Millie Glennon
, Director, Head of HR, Bridges Fund Management
Rebecca Boscott, Chief Operating Officer, Hanover Investors

Panel Discussion
Cybersecurity Risk Reduction and the New Normal of Remote Working
  • Using the ‘zero-trust approach’ as a tactic for tackling cyber risks head on
  • The need for proper data governance: making sure foolproof procedures are in place and value is created from the products used
  • Making amendments: dealing with weaknesses to the security system following employment of temporary working models
  • The top cause of cyber incidents is human error: thorough team training helps diminish the risk

Chair: Simon Thompson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals
Andy Strickland, Senior Investment Director, Palatine