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Chair’s Opening Remarks
Opening Panel Discussion
The Digitization of the PE Industry: What the Future Holds
  • How does technology influence VC/PE working processes?
  • How does this feature in how daily operations are run today?
  • What examples are there of types of tools currently being used by PE firms?
  • Assessing the value of employing these tech tools
Expert Presentation
Reflections on the Tech of 2020 and What’s to Come in 2021
  • What developments have been seen in the world of technology over the past year?
  • What future developments are in store for technology?
  • Which areas should PE firms be looking to invest in?
Panel Discussion
Impact of Tech Tools on Fundraising
  • Which tech tools are being used in the fundraising process?
  • How is tech being used to aid and streamline LP/GP communications?
  • Examples of where tech has been used for AGMs
  • How successful have these tools been and will they be maintained post-pandemic?
  • What are the key learnings from virtual fundraising processes?

Fireside Chat
The Beginning of the Journey: Origination & AI
  • How can using AI technology help PE houses gain strategic dominance?
  • Discussing deal sourcing platforms that keep team members in the know

he future of DD: Tech & Due Diligence Post-Covid
  • Exploring due diligence in its transformation towards being predominantly carried out via tech/virtually
  • Which tools are available to enable due diligence to operate virtually moving forward?
  • Has this changed since pre-Covid?

Panel Discussion
Value Creation through Servitization: A Journey of Transformation
  • Monetizing and changing classical industrial business services in order to create ecosystems
  • How do you change portfolio company thought processes regarding servitization?
  • Considering which strategy to take to market & how to leverage certain platforms

Panel Discussion
The Use of Alternative Data in the Value Creation Process
  • Data science and data use throughout the life cycle
  • Data and Insights: how are people protecting their platforms?
  • What are the varying uses of data?
  • Creating a common data language as part of industry transformation

Panel Discussion
Monitoring ESG Performance through Technology and Data Management
  • How are LPs using technology to monitor their portfolio’s ESG?
Case Study Series
No More Hero Stories: The Real Lessons Learned Over the Turbulent Past Year
  • What types of tech implementation were the most challenging?
  • Where can tech not replace face to face interactions?
  • Examples where lack of tech use became problematic for value creation
  • Which lessons can be learned from the tech horror stories of 2020?

Closing Panel Discussion
The Final Stage of the Journey: Tech Integration Towards the End of the Cycle
  • Exploring implementation of innovative tools at exit
  • Can technological improvements at portfolio level lead to a better return at exit?
  • Examples of where improved technology within a portfolio company has led to strong returns
  • How can tech at firm level be used to enhance the exit process?