Tracking End to End Innovation across the Deal Cycle

7-Part Webinar Series starting on 23rd June


Real Deals Tech Innovation

On 23rd June at 15:00, Real Deals will be launching its Real Deal Tech Innovation webinar series. Tackling one of the most exciting topics shaping the industry today, The Real Deals Tech Innovation, will dive deep into some of the most interesting ways in which technology can revolutionise the deal-cycle. The 7-part series will be running as below.

What will be discussed?

Technology and its use have an impact across the entire deal-cycle. Rather than focusing on back-office implementations and challenges, this event will look at the ways in which tech innovation can transform front-office functions. Focusing in key parts of the deal cycle, such as origination and fundraising, we will be diving deep into the various ways in which skilled tech usage can put PE houses ahead of the curve.

The webinars offer exclusive insights into what successful tech integration looks like and allow for a glimpse into the future of reporting and data usage in the industry.

Who attends?

Technology has become much more than a operational topic, so we want to make sure that investment, origination and IR professionals are just as informed as those working behind the scenes.

For 20 years PE professionals across Europe have trusted Real Deals to deliver the information they need to help their firms excel. We will bring together the senior decisionmakers capable of affecting real change and integrating innovation in their firms, as well as experts in the field of technology. Successful tech integration – from data usage and reporting to bespoke pipeline management – will change the industry for everyone, so we want to offer LPs, GPs and solution providers a chance to discuss what they want the future of private equity to look like.

Speaker insight

Real Deals Tech Innovation speaker Konstantin Sidorov shares his experiences and advice on technology use during Covid-19

Why Real Deals?

As the independent voice of European Private Equity for last 20 years, Real Deals is uniquely positioned to leverage two decades of relationships with key private equity players across the continent to create highly relevant content and exclusive networking opportunities.

Focusing on one key topic area, means you will leave the event with an implementable strategy and the right connections to help address exactly those challenges facing your firm.